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A newsletter for our junior aikidoka.
late kids class startSent on 11 May 2019
no kids class thurs 25/4Sent on 21 April 2019
kids grading april 19Sent on 22 March 2019
Leichhardt kids resumeSent on 30 January 2019
Whooping CoughSent on 21 November 2018
End of year get together 2018Sent on 12 November 2018
Kids class time changeSent on 08 November 2018
October 2018 NewsletterSent on 27 October 2018
September 2018 NewsletterSent on 13 September 2018
Canberra TTC October 27/28Sent on 22 August 2018
Extraordinary Class GordonSent on 30 July 2018
Kids Grading 21/07/18Sent on 24 June 2018
No kids class 30/06/18Sent on 18 June 2018
Active Kids Program UpdateSent on 18 May 2018
Celebrating Vivians LifeSent on 16 May 2018
Change to Kids classSent on 15 May 2018
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Osensei Quotes

In your training do not be in a hurry, for it takes a minimum of ten years to master the basics and advance to the first rung. Never think of yourself as an all-knowing, perfected master; you must continue to train daily with your friends and students and progress together in Aikido.
Morihei Ueshiba (Osensei)

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