New class on Wednesday at Leichhardt

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New Class at Leichhardt Dojo on Wednesday 

Luke Derham Sandan has agreed to take a class on Wednesday evening at the Leichhardt Dojo, prior to the class by Sensei Jikou Sugano (whose class commences at 7.15pm)

Luke is a young, vigorous student who has a wealth of experience and energy (see his typically modest bio below) 

These  classes will commence from 30 March 2016 commencing at 6.00pm and concluding at 7.00pm. Sensei Jikou's classes will follow from 7.15 pm.

Luke Derham's Biography

Some of you may know me from the national schools or training at the Leichhardt dojo. My name is Luke Derham, and I have recently moved over to Sydney from Western Australia.

Austin Sensei has kindly invited me to teach a fuko-shidoin class on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm.

I have some years 10 experience in Aikido, including serving as Otomo to Sugano Sensei and Yamada Sensei at NY Aikikai, acting in the capacity of Area Rep for WA, and managing a dojo in Perth for a few years. I am currently 3rd dan.  I look forward to sharing some of my knowledge and experience of Aikido with anybody who is happy to come down for training.


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