Injury and Safety

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Injury and Safety in the Dojo

I noticed in class last week that three people had minor injuries sufficient for them to say their ability to train "normally " was limited. There maybe other students that I'm not aware of in a similar state and we had one serious injury recently.

This trend is concerning and a reminder we all need to practice safely together.

Some basic things you can do to reduce injury and increase safety.

Warm up before class

Improve ukemi

Be aware of who and what is around you.

Don't throw uke into the path of others.

Respect weapons.

Listen to instructions.

Be Attentive.

In addition to our physical condition, it's also important to observe our frame of mind, our emotions and ego and how they influence how we training together.

Safety should not be seen in isolation but integral to diligent training.

Jikou Sugano

Area Representative NSW

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