TTC Weekend and Grading 22/23 October

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Tony Smibert Shihan TTC Weekend and Grading 

TTC Weekend with Smibert Shihan 22/23 October

Tony Smibert Shihan, 7th Dan, will conduct a Technical and Teaching seminar at Leichhardt dojo in Sydney on the 22 to 23 October 2016. A Kyu grading will be held on the Saturday afternoon.

Smibert Sensei was one of the first Aikido students in Australia and has well over 40 years training experience. Smibert Sensei was a prime motivator in the early days to assist Sugano Shihan in getting the Aiki Kai Australia Organisation off the ground.

Smibert Sensei is the President of Aiki Kai Australia, Joint Trustee of the Aikido Foundation and is a member of the Technical and Teaching Committee (TTC).  In addition, he has held a number of important positions in the International Aikido Federation.

Smibert Sensei has been tireless in his efforts to support Sugano Shihan's vision for the organisation and his commitment to training and in promoting Aikido can be felt both nationally and internationally.

Smibert Sensei teaches worldwide, As well as his extraordinary position and knowledge in Aikido, Smibert Sensei is also a world renowned artist. His classes are a joyful experience that are not to be missed.

NOTE FOR SATURDAY KIDS CLASS  For Saturday 22 October only class time will commence at 10.40am. Thanks for your understanding.

TTC Training schedule to be confirmed:

Sat 22 October 2016.

Morning to 10.30am

Afternoon; 1.00 pm to 3.00pm with Kyu grading to follow.

Sun 23 October 2016.

Morning; 9:00am to 11.30am

Attendance at Technical and Teaching seminars are a requirement for Kyu and Dan grading.

Any students who are intending to grade should complete a Kyu grading application form that is available for download on the Aiki Kai Australia website The application must be approved by the students regular instructor. Application forms must be given to Austin James prior to the TTC weekend for final approval.

Cost for the TTC weekend is $30 for training for the full weekend or $20 per day. Grading fees are $15 up to and including 3rd Kyu and $25 for 1st and 2nd Kyu.

Jikou Sugano

NSW Area Representative

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