Misogi Mt Banks 17 to 18 June 2017

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Misogi is at Mt Banks on 17 to 18 June 2017

Misogi will take place at at Mount Banks on the Bell's Line of Road, starting at 2 pm sharp on Saturday 17 June and finishing on 18 June around 8.30am.

To get to Mount Banks, go out of Sydney through Richmond and Kurrajong Heights along the Bell's line of road through Bilpin; a few kilometres before the turn off to Mount Wilson, there is a turn off to the left, which is sign-posted as taking you to the Mount Banks Picnic Area: take that turn off and go to the very end of the road, a matter of a few kilometres. If you reach the Mt Wilson turn-off on the Bell's Line of Road, you have gone too far and missed the turn-off.

It is very important to be there on time, as you need to find out about the special etiquette applicable before the commencement of training. If you are unavoidably detained by some emergency, take the path up the Mountain starting behind the big rock with a plaque on it next to the car-park (and not the path via the road).

Sensei Sugano, personally, chose the Mount Banks site and took mountain training here for many years. Training includes tai justu, weapons, kotodama and sitting training. From the time training starts until it finishes, you may only drink water, and only eat the supper provided.

The training will finish at about 8 or 8:30 on Sunday morning, after sunrise meditation.

Bring gi, weapons, plenty of warm clothes as it can always get extremely cold on Mount Banks (jumpers, coat, beanie, gloves, scarf, thermal underwear - anything you can think of); wet weather gear; food to eat/cook for breakfast after conclusion of the training on Sunday (if desired: there is an open fireplace on site); plenty of your own drinking water; sandshoes or similar; very warm sleeping bag and blankets.

Note that you must sleep out under the stars, and no tents are permitted. You can have as many blankets, sleeping bags as you wish and a waterproof cover on top.

In the event of rain or doubtful weather, call Jikou Sugano on 0438929365 before 11.00 am on Saturday to check if the training is proceeding


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