Tony Smibert Shihan (7th Dan)

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tony smibert portraitTony Smibert Shihan was one of the first Aikido students in Australia to study under Sugano Shihan, he has well over 40 years training and teaching experience. Smibert Sensei was a prime motivator in the early days to assist Sugano Shihan in getting the Aiki Kai Australian Organisation off the ground.

Smibert Shihan is the President of Aiki Kai Australia, is a member of the Technical and Teaching Committee (TTC) and has held a number of important positions in the International Aikido Federation.

tony smibert instructing

Smibert Shihan has been tireless in his efforts to support Sugano Shihan's vision for the organisation and his commitment to training and in promoting Aikido can be felt both nationally and internationally. 

Smibert Shihan teaches worldwide, most recently conducting a seminar during the 2012 International Aikido Federation Congress held in Japan. As well as his extraordinary position and knowledge in Aikido, Smibert Sensei is also a world renowned watercolour artist and expert on the British water colour artist Turner. Tony has worked as Visiting art Researcher at the Tate Gallery in London.

His classes are a joyful experience that are not to be missed.

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Osensei Quotes

In your training do not be in a hurry, for it takes a minimum of ten years to master the basics and advance to the first rung. Never think of yourself as an all-knowing, perfected master; you must continue to train daily with your friends and students and progress together in Aikido.
Morihei Ueshiba (Osensei)

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