Winter School 2015

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The Importance of THIS Winter School

Winter School in Australia always seemed to hold a special place in Sugano Sensei’s heart – with focus on staying together in one place, fellowship and study in a smaller group - and the connection with nature through mountain or beach training. So, while most people have already focussed their attention on the scale of our very important Summer School, please don’t forget Sugano Sensei’s own focus on the special opportunities that Winter Schools provide.

Traditionally, Winter Schools are the hardest due to the cold weather and often times freezing mats. It can be a right pain to get out of warm clothes and into a cold keikogi - but that's the reason to come along. In a world always looking for the easy or comfortable way, sometimes putting yourself out and creating even a bit of a challenge can be refreshing for the spirit.

Additionally, this Winter School is closer to Sensei's actual arrival in Australia back in 1965 and while we all appreciated the excitement of the 50th Commemorative Summer School, with hundreds of guests, this Winter School is for us. For us, Aiki Kai Australia, to train and study together and for us to remember Sensei for all he did and to thank him for a lifetime of effort. We also expect that, with all the effort of so many to put on such a big event, there will be a “burn-out” effect, leading to this being a much smaller winter school than normal. Nonetheless, its our chance to celebration the actual 50th birthday of Aiki Kai Australia (May 1965) just as we did with a much smaller Winter School following our enormous 40th Anniversary Summer School 10 years ago. So please come if you can – and enjoy the difference between a big international seminar (like Summer School) and the sort of focussed study in that Sensei thought so important and originally envisaged for our Winter Schools.

We are the product of Sugano Sensei’s labour of love, the fruit of his garden and his living memory. Please, bring what knowledge you have and add it to the training. For those of you who didn't have the privilege of training directly under Sensei we will attempt, as best we can, to give you an idea of the legacy he bequeathed to all of us.

See you at Winter School 2015!

Tony Smibert, 7th Dan, Trustee Sugano Foundation

Osensei Quotes

Free of weakness ignore the sharp attacks of your enemies: Step in and act!
Morihei Ueshiba (Osensei)

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